In retrospect, this period of time went by the quickest of any. Maybe that's because I was working 60 hour weeks. I had just graduated college and landed my first full time job as an assistant (a.k.a. paid intern). I worked a ton of late hours, which I was often pretty frustrated about, but it has since paid off.

Fortunately our living room was pretty much a 24/7 LAN party, with some sort of combination of CoD: World At War, Halo:3, Dirt, Oblivion, Shawn White, Mario Kart Double Dash, and any combination of other games available on either TV or my computer. There was always a plethora of beer in the fridge as well, and always somebody home.

My computer setup was particularly elaborate here, not only because I had it mounted to the wall in the living room, but also because I had the CPU tower and auxiliary monitor stationed in my bedroom which was directly below the living room. I constructed a wire harness consisting of the monitor cable, two USB extensions, and an audio port, and strung the whole thing down through the air conditioning vents. Although I spent most of my time ustairs, I could also take my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and retreat down to my subterranean lair. Don't ask me how many electrical codes I must have broke.

I also had the cheap-o projector from Mohawk set up downstairs, but rarely made use of it.

CoD: World At War zombie mode, Special Export, frisbee, Entourage, day-drinking with Seagrams 7 and Tiger Woods Wii golf, Chris Branson, Mac Airport, Greenman, empanadas, free overly-spicy jumbalaya, custom PC builds, death of HP laptops, three burned out routers from four people torrenting 24/7 for a year, beer can frisbee game in the alley, outdoor projection visualizers, having any computer time being known as "doing homework"