What is all this about? Why did you model all this?
Looking back on all the apartments and room mates I had through college and the years after, our tech setups really helped defined each period of time. We were always known for having the craziest living rooms, and we all worked together to build up our digital entertainment centers.

Is it real or are you exaggerating?
It's all real. Each setup actually existed at one point in time pretty much exactly as you see them laid out here. The only thing that is cheated is the scale of the environments. To reach the vibe I wanted, I condensed the living areas to make everything feel cramped and jammed full of stuff. In reality many of the rooms really were cramped, but I did push the scale of many pieces of furniture and equipment even further.

What about the massive screen in Sedgwick?
That's actually pretty accurately sized. We had vaulted ceilings and exposed rafters, so I hung a bed sheet and projected onto it. It spanned the entire rooms width; about 10 feet.

Who is "we"?

What is Tardam?
Originally it was a combination of the names Todd, Charlie, and Adam. We were room mates and always traveled together, so people began calling us Tardam. Over time though it became a noun and used in a broader sense. As more room mates came and went, Tardam became what our general households were referred to as. Examples of this include: "Party at Tardam!" or perhaps "Tardam is coming over and bringing their X-Box."

What is nerdtech?
Not sure. My girlfriend called me it once. I like it. Seems fitting here, too.

You're obsessed.
Yup. And proud of it. Nerd, geek, techie, whatever it is you want to call me, I will take it as a compliment. I'm always looking for a way to take it to the next level. My life revolves around anything technological and I wouldn't have it any other way.