The main feature here would be the gigantic projection screen, of course. It's a 720p Mitsubishi, and it's projecting about 9 feet wide onto a bed sheet strung up from the rafters. The sheet is rigged with two wooden rods to pull it tight, and a pulley device to hoist it up and down. The place had wide open vaulted ceilings, so it was the perfect opportunity for this. The screen was used heavily for our media PC, Call of Duty, and Rock Band.

If you notice, the bedroom to the left is slightly peculiar as well. Because the room was so tiny and I have so much junk, I built a wood structure to raise the bed about 4 feet off the ground. This allowed for my dressers to slide underneath on the front edge, and left the entire space under the bed for storage. It was crammed full of boxes of electronics, books, and other junk.

I recycled wood from my entertainment center to be used as a desk surface. The two monitors just barely squeezed into that tiny nook, with just enough clearance to allow for my over-sized leather computer chair to fit between the desk and bed. The space was small, but not uncomfortably cramped.

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