Presidential Towers on Madison & Clinton was my first home in Chicago. My room mate was Charlie and we were there under a school housing lease, but it was more-so a public apartment complex. We were on the 44th floor with a full kitchen and private bathroom. Pretty hard to beat as far as dorm experiences go.

PT is where Tardam was established (that is, the trio of Todd, Charlie, Adam and the eventual induction of Bobby). Credit to that title goes to Derrick.

The time spent here is still to this day perceived as the longest period of time in my life, even though it was the apartment with the shortest timeline of them all. It was our first time away from home and we were on our own, let loose in a big city. Art school was a breeze, the social circle was expansive, and time literally stood still. Looking back, these 6 months feel longer and more filled with memories than the entire 4 years of high-school. A life changing experience.

Anywho, this apartment was by far the weakest of them all in terms of computing power and technical presence. We only had one TV, one computer per person, and only four people could play (the original) X-Box at any given time! We made the best of it though, that is for sure.

During this time I was modding GTA: San Andreas. My most notable mod was the Monowheel which has received over 6 million YouTube views. The mod that I enjoyed the most and which changed the experience of the game for me, though, was my Hydrofoam. It's based off of a real-life RC stunt vehicle that can glide on land, float on water, and go airborne with little speed required. It can bring its self to a stall and perform stunning acrobatics that would not be possible in a typical plane or helicopter. It's designed to be the ultimate flying machine.

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