This was an interesting place. It was still not technically our own, as the lease was held by Adam's brother's fiance. At first it was just Adam's place to stay, but eventually Bobby and I started spending more and more time there. In late Spring '06 it became the "default" location the three of us would meet up at, thus officially becoming Tardam v1.5.
I moved my TV and desktop there, so little reason remained to return to PT even though the lease was not yet up.

One of the most memorable projects I completed at Broadway was a stop-motion race between a 1:18th scale Mitsubishi Evo and a Subaru Impreza. Complete with drifting, skidding, overtakes, and cinematic camera edits, I cut it to Blur's "Song 2" and got a A- on it in film class.

Come summer, though, with the lack of any air conditioning and the sweltering 100+ degree weather, we were forced to evacuate Broadway and hold up at PT. As temperatures dropped and the student housing period came to a close, we returned to Broadway and began searching for permanent residence.